Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh Baby Baby

So, almost 36 weeks down and a few more (well I'm hoping) to go...

Ob is a little concerned about bub's weight and growth at the minute, measuring on the lower side of below average if that makes sense, so heading for yet another scan next week to measure the growth since the one he did last week. Midwife explained to me that if he is not happy with the weight gain/growth in that time he might suggest an early induction, which is something I don't really want unless bub and/or me are medically at risk. So time will tell and am now counting down the days to my appointment.

1 comment:

Rosalyn said...

Hey, how are you getting along? I am hoping that the reason you haven't bee updating the blog is because you are enjoying nice newborn cuddles. xo


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