{about our tribe}

Hi there, I'm Keshia, Queen of the tribe. I'm a mama to two awesome little people, the Prince born in 2006 and the Princess in 2010. We live our lives in what my Prince would call 'the small Australia', a.k.a Tasmania.

I'm a arty-crafty type, whether it be painting with my children or sewing up a new creation.... I LOVE it all. I also class myself as a musician in the closet... I haven't dedicated much time to my music over the past few years, it has all been about nursery rhymes and children's songs. My prince has inherited both of these traits which makes my heart melt.

This here is the Prince of our castle. He is such a boy's boy with a whole lot of caring nature thrown in as well. His imagination is the stuff dreams are made of, from super hero's to the next brain surgeon, this little man is only limited by his minds creations. His favourite things are the costume box, the craft box, eating sandwiches cut into soldiers, pasta, going for drives with his nan and of course his mama and sister.

Last,but not least is the princess of our castle. A beautiful baby who spends her days talking and giggling to her brother the prince. Her favourite things are her bug wrist rattles, being sung 'You are my Sunshine' and has taken rather a liking to her brother's soft toy cat, Bill. She is such a sweet little thing, who barely lets out a cry, she is doted on both hand and feet by the prince. I'm sure she will be his little shadow when she gets moving.

Welcome to our little tribe, I hope you'll stay a while in our castle by the sea.


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