Saturday, February 5, 2011

Technology Problems

So I have been having a few problems lately with my email address charlie.ava (at) gmail (dot) com. Thought I was going mad, wondering why I couldn't access emails! Turns out my account had been hacked with out me realising. So, if you have been emailing me, and waiting for a reply I can't answer  because I can't get emails. I have received an email from Google to say that they are working on it but because of privacy laws and the such it will take a while. Luckily I had two accounts linked to my blog - so I have deleted the above mentioned email - so it may look like I am not following you any more - but most of you still show up in my google reader.

If you need to email me, use thewigginstribe (at) gmail (dot) com, it is such a pain, I have been waiting on some important emails - but turns out that my initial emails may not have been sent!

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