Sunday, October 17, 2010

Need. More. Sleep. Please.

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Pretty Please? I'm asking so so nicely.

Phew, What. A. Night. That has turned into an even longer day. Ava decided that last night was not a night for sleep. She went to bed at 10.30pm and was awake again at around 1am. Her mumma had only gone to sleep at 12pm.

From 1am till around 9.00 she stayed awake. WIDE awake. Then slept for around 45 minutes. it is now 2.30pm and I am bouncing her with my foot as we speak as I type and you read, trying to lull her off to sleep. At least she wasn't screaming awake, she was quite content even spoiling me with a few giggles here or there. I think that she may be coming down with something as she has a little bit of a fever. Either that or she is teething. No, I'll just forget that I mentioned that as my baby is to young to start becoming a 'big kid' yet!

So pretty please sleep, come and visit my household.


Liz said...

Maybe it was the night for it, one of my twins was the same and was up screaming instead!! ARGH Hope tonight is a better one for you!

Ellie Tat said...

Oh, I hear you. I haven't been getting much sleep either lately and I don't even have a little baby!

L said...

Hi - this may sound strange, but I just came across your blog on the happy home... and I think we might live in the same town! I sound so excited because we moved here with a then 5 week old baby (who is now 2) and since then I have barely met anyone who is into art and creative things here (I'm an artist and teach painting and drawing)

Anyway - I've left my email address is you ever feel like making contact :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Lauren - I can't find your email address hun, but you are more than welcome to email me at charlie.ava [at]


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