Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Up!

So I have 95% completed the owl mobile for the new babe... Charlie has named them all. Giggle, Bill, George and Riley. I just have to figure out a clever way to cover the music spinning box at the top. So once I finished it I got a little carried away and set up the cot, I just couldn't help myself. I suppose the timing is good though as the bigger I get the harder it will be to do things like that. So here we are...

Owl cushion also made by me this morning. Soft toys in the cot are mine and Charlies old toys, the brown bear you can see is my teddy which is 24 years old. The two of Charlies he decided he would like to give to the baby which I found so sweet... So whilist on a energy streak of setting up things for babe... I also started on this.

Oh how sweet are baby things... alot of these are Charlie's old things, some new, some things I have made. Down the bottom are new nappies I have made which I can't wait to see hanging on the line. Now, I must remember to pace things out so I don't leave myself with nothing to do near the end of my pregnancy... but it is al so tempting to get it all done now!

1 comment:

Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

Awww. this is all soooo cute. i love the green and dark timber and earthy colours. just lovely and fresh.

good on you!


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