Wednesday, April 14, 2010

**Bump Day** 28 Weeks

A cold, heart burn, what seems like insomnia and a sore back have been my week. Hurt my back a few weeks ago moving a few things, and just thought that it was a little bit of soreness that would go away with a little rest, now I'm struggling to get up of a morning, or stand up after I have been sitting down for a while. Have a midwife appointment tomorrow and then hopefully a trip to the physio after that. So its been couch rest for me for the past week which is making me crazy not being able to do much. On the plus side I have been able to knit around 100 beanies (ok, slight exaggreation) but I have knitted a whole bundle and since every one I know seems to be having babies at the minute, i now have my welcoming gifts organised.

If I try not to think about the back ache, I really am feeling quite good. I'm getting excited, everything is organised already, the only things left to do is to wash the babe's things, sew 10 more nappies I have sitting cut out already and find some wonderful fabric for a sling. I'm thinking that I might tye die some plain fabric to make it if I can find the energy.

As for the 'Babe Guess', there are now 14 guesses...

Girl, 8lb 6oz July 3rd

Girl, 28th June, 8lb 3 oz

Girl, 8 pound 2 oz, 1st of July

Girl 7lb 6 1/2 oz 4 th July

Girl,8pound 30th June

Girl, 8lbs, 13 th July

Girl, 7lb 11oz, 26th June.

Girl, same weight as lil charlie was :-)

Girl, 8th July, 8lb 4oz

Boy, 18th July, 7lb 14oz

Boy, 9.7lbs, 11th july

Boy, 7lbs, between 10th and 12th July

Boy, 9lbs, 10th July

Boy, June 30th, 7lb 11

So at the moment its averaging out as a Girl in the 8 pound range... well time will certainly tell.

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