Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog this: Pride

Tis about time that I tried to step back into the blogging world after an extended absence... and what easier way than with a Blog This challenge.

Tell us about a proud moment in life - of you, of someone else, when you made someone proud.  Maybe you want to focus on an aspect of your life or someone you know that exudes pride?
Well, no need for a second guess on what this one will be about... My beautiful son, Charlie. Most parents I know beam from head to toe with pride for their children. Your proud the moment they are born, your proud when they learn to walk, your even proud at times when they leave you with a 'nasty' surprise in their nappies, hehe. It is just such a simple thing that I am blessed with each day, to pick me out just look for that crazy mumma on the football side lines barracking like there's no tomorrow, or the mother that has more pictures hanging around the house than paint on the walls, because I am just so entirely 100% proud of my little man.

(It makes me giggle just thinking of me on the sidelines at auskick next year when he starts)

1 comment:

Toni said...

you're so right about the pride we feel in our children, they're amazing and they make life worthwhile.


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