Tuesday, May 4, 2010

**Bump Day** - Week 31... only 9 or so weeks to go

So its been a while since I have uploaded a 'bump day' picture, but as my previous post mentions I haven't been feeling to well.

Bump is growing along quite fast now, only 9 or so weeks to go and it feels like an eternity. My tummy skin is sore from being so tight, and when babe kicks it feels like someone is pressing a finger into a bruise. I am totally uncomfortable, getting no sleep but still try to remind myself everyday how wonderful it is to be pregnant, not long to go now!!

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Cat said...

You look glorious! I had dinner with a bunch of my gal pals on Sat night and a number of them are pregnant and we were all talking about how much you forget what happens to you during pregnancy. I'd forgotten about that tightness of skin. I hope you're doing well Keshia. Thinking of you xo


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