Friday, February 4, 2011

Op Shop Finds

Op Shop Wonders

After feeling a little house bound today, the kids and I headed down the street for a bit of Op shopping. We only went to one of the biggest ones (which, really isn't that big). We weren't disapointed though, we scored all the above for $7.50! The Prince was very excited with his find, a castle that opens up and has four rooms, a set of wooden trees and people, a construction man and an alien that lights up. He has called it 'The Castle of Dooooooom!'.

I was happy with my finds as well, a heap of great books, can't wait to get into the Making Paper Air Planes with the Prince, he is going to flip when I can actually work out how to make a plane that flies instead of going backwards. I also managed to find about a metre and a 1/2 of uncut vintage fabric... it is gorgeous. I found a cute old sheet that I am going to use at my market stall and a pretty pillow case that is begging to be turned into a few dolls clothes. Then there is the two balls of bamboo/cotton wool (that much, whoohoo!), a bag of buttons and an old pattern.

I think the Prince is becoming quite the little op-shopper!

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Brenda said...

Aren't op shops incredible - you never quite know what you are going to discover.


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