Monday, September 6, 2010

restful Weekend

Charlie spent the weekend just gone with his dad, and now that Ava is becoming more aware of her surroundings I really think that she missed him being around. As soon as he was home at eight o'clock this morning she only had eyes for him.I have a feeling when she starts moving around, a little boy I know is going to have a little shadow following him everywhere!

Charlie teaching Ava how to play the playstation
I feel so refreshed after the weekend, I don't think that I realised how much running around after a 4 year old and looking after a baby takes it out of me. Ava actually slept fantasically on Saturday night, she slept from 9.30 till 6.30 which gave me a much needed boost in the energy department. It was a once off I think because she had been awake for around five hours before that, but I'm still happy with that effort even if it only happens once in a blue moon. I hope you all had a great weekend. :)

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Hayley said...

Glad to hear little Miss is sleeping a little better. She is growin:)


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