Friday, November 19, 2010

go {heart} yourself #2

So another week has passed us by and I am back for the second installment of 'go {heart} yourself'. Last week in its first edition we had the lovely Tat from Mum in Search playing along, who highlighted one of my main reasons for starting this feature. We (or at least I) think that there are many things that we love about ourselves until we are asked to write them down, or talk about them. Yet we could talk for days about the things we love about others that we know, or even those that we don't. So why don't you take the time TODAY to share something that you love about yourself.

Today I am hearting my friendship and kindness. I am always there for my friends. In fact, I find it extremely easy to give every inch of my being to my friends or even people that I don't know when they are in need. I don't expect this to be returned, to be honest I find it rather difficult to accept help in return.

I know that in the past this has lead to a misuse of my kindness, but I find that most times that the word no is not in my vocabulary. I also know that it is important that I use the offers of help from people, but it is something that feels extremely uncomfortable to me, much like swearing does, it just doesn't flow from my mouth. So this week, while appreciating my own kindness and friendship that I give, I am going to step out of my comfort zone and accept some form of giving/help from someone I know.

Will you join me to go {heart} yourself? Is there something that you love about yourself, yet when on the opposite side of the fence find hard to accept. I'd love to hear about it.

"go {heart} yourself is a part of my blog where I will share with you the things that I LOVE about myself, in doing this I hope to also change or improve the things that are stopping me from being who I want to be, ME. I'd love it if you would join in with me, so come on, lets all go {heart} ourselves!"


Tat said...

Thanks for the compliments. I've got this week's post half-written, but I am running out of time. If you could keep the linky open, then I can enter tomorrow (night). If not, then I'll join you next week.

Keshia said...

Its opened for a week :) Thanks for playing along xx

Naomi said...

just found your blog - love your idea - I will have to try to write a post about it better next time but just linked up an old post I wrote about loving myself - hope that is alright? off to do some more glad to find you!


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