Friday, December 17, 2010

Gifts for my Bloggy Friends #2

{If you want to know what this is about, check out the first post here}

For Hayley, from Our Unique Journey

Hayley, It took me a while to pin point one thing that I would make you this year if I had the time, but in the end, I settled with a few things that 'go' together... A sewing kit, handmade high heel shoe looking pin cushion, a sewing bag, a cover for the new baby in your life (aka your sewing machine ;) and also including little handmade tags that say 'handmade by hayley' to put on all those lovely things you have been creating... they would look something like this...

If I was a millionaire, I would buy you two things. The first, going along with my sewing theme... one of these baby's (I'd also buy one for myself)

The second, was something I thought about while writing this post... and you know what made me think of it??? I can just imagine little Coop looking so utterly adorable in some Mickey Mouse ears... Thats right, a family trip to here!

Hayley, I hope you, Cooper and hubby have a really great Christmas, I've enjoyed watching Cooper grow up this year, can't believe that he is almost one - it seems like only yesterday I was reading your blog for the first time and he was only four (or so) months old!!


Hayley said...

Haha you know me way to well...more so then my family ;) I loved it all and only wish you had won the lottery as I could see both of us having one of those babies (hehe). On a serious note thanks for thinking of me and for being such a great 'on-line' friend..I think you totally rock and believe you are the most wonderfulest mumma! Here's to next year and celebrating both our 'babies' first birthdays

Hayley said...

Oh and I LOVE the tags they are SOO cute!!


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