Friday, December 31, 2010

The year that will be

What. A. Year.

A relationship breakdown, a friendship loss, illness - a long list of emotional draining experiences.

But this year, the good far out weighed the bad. A new blog, a new baby, new friendships and a personal strength gained through all those challenging experiences.

I'm one for resolutions, but not one for New Years resolutions. Mine are the type made weekly, that are achievable, that are realistic. What I can say though is next year is building up to be a fantastic year. Each member of our tribe celebrating a milestone birthday, 1, 5 and 25. The Prince begins his long (and hopefully joyful) journey into the joys of school (sob) starting on the 9th of February.

We get to start off the New Year with a visit from my best friend since birth, who's current residence is in Conventary in the UK. Also her mother who lives in Texas, USA.

May you stay safe in your New Years celebrations, we will be sitting on our balcony sipping on tea, munching on biscuits watching our towns fireworks whilst I finish some hand-stitching on an extra special gift.

I look forward to sharing our new year with you all.

Happy New Year,

With Love,

The Wiggins Tribe


Kellyansapansa said...

You certainly have had a big year - I look forward to visiting far more frequently in 2011. xx

Tat said...

happy New Year!


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