Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls

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I've started to slowly become involved in a love from my childhood that has never really died... it has just kind of been hiding away amongst all the other things going on my life.

That love is Dolls.

I had a Barbie and Baby Doll collection to die for when I was younger and a whole lot of outfits and accessories to go along with them. I can remember 'stealing' off cuts of my nana's fabric, cutting holes in it and turning it into a pretty ugly dress for them.

Now that I have a daughter, I am kind of in doll heaven, actually make that toy heaven - my other secret love is Lego...

But I can't make lego.

Over the last few weeks I have slowly been dipping my feet in doll making. Mainly for Christmas presents for other little girls I know and now I am hooked. I can't stop making them.

See, as much as I love and loved Barbie Dolls as a child, it is not a 'toy' that I will be buying for my own Princess. I'm not a Barbie Nazi, but I do believe that there are more substantial/educational/more emotionally healthy options for her. So in steps her mumma with her sewing machine and doll-fever. I am determined to make her, her own set of dress-able dolls for doll house play.

That and  then a big challenge... a Waldorf Doll. I am in LOVE. I have ordered a kit and am going to practice by making my self one first. Its rather daunting. I have wanted to make one for a very long time and the more that I think about it the more nervous that I get. If you don't know what a Waldorf Doll is then check out this blog by a very talented lady: Little Jenny Wren

I'm sure you see every bit of that journey! Lets hope its a successful one!

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