Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011

I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. However, to be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO!

I joined over at Rosehips and Spiderwebs


Tina ~ tina gray dot me said...

I love this idea :) I posted this on my FB fan page so I can send some things to some of my blog readers :)

Anonymous said...

So does that mean your in Tina? If so, can you send me your address via my contact tab, and your favourite colour :)

Tat said...

I've just entered this on And then there were four... can I enter on your blog as well? Does that mean I will have to send out gifts to 10 people? I can do that (I probably won't get 10 comments anyway, but I'd be stoked if I did).

Anonymous said...

I'll say its ok - I am actually doing it twice over - on here and also with my facebook friends - so 10 gifts all up :)

krystina said...

I did this too and only got two responses, Kind of a let down. GLad to see you got all 5!


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