Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing My First Waldorf Doll

Jenny - My First Waldorf Doll

Meet Jenny, the newest addition to our tribe. She has a few little touch ups to go and then she is all finished. 

Jenny is my first ever attempt at making a waldorf doll. I'm pretty happy with the results - I made her from a bought pattern, but now that I have been through the process I have an idea on what I would change, to make it my own style. I enjoyed every single moment of making this sweet girl.

Jenny is actually named after another Waldorf Doll maker, who I found when Googling Waldorf dolls a few years ago. (If you read this Jenny, I hope you don't mind) But it kind of works in two ways as Jenny is my mothers name as well, so she can pretend its named after her if she wants ;)

Making a Waldorf doll was a daunting thing for me to start - there are a lot of fabulous doll makers out there, (I will list my favourite at the end of this post), and after looking at a few I became nervous about how mine would turn out.

Once I actually received my doll kit in the mail though, the nerves left and it was filled with excitement. Every step of bringing Jenny to life was enjoyable, from shaping the head, to stuffing the body. The aroma from the wool stuffing is something that I can't explain well with words, but the smell of it, it makes you feel like you are making something 'real', something that has 'life' something that has 'heart'. Watching the doll come alive from a piece of fabric, limbs forming, the face shape is just something you have to experience to understand. Even the feel of her little buttocks just make her seem more real.

I will bring you some more photos of Jenny in the next few days, she is in need of a few more clothes - the dress she has on now is her cousins and its a little on the small side (must of ate to much at Christmas).

If you want to check out some fabulous doll makers who's work and words have inspired me I highly suggest not going to look until you have a few hours free - once you start you may not be able to stop ;)


Jenny said...

She is beautiful Keisha. You have done a great job. And what a great name!

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

I agree, what a most spectacular and "good luck" name you've chosen ;-) Kudos to Mademoiselle Jenny for inspiring you in the beginning to make your own doll. It is, like you said, a wonderful creative process, and one that connects ourselves with something a little bit greater, isn't it? Congratulations!

Michelle said...

She is beautiful. You have done a great job, and isn't it a great feeling to have done it yourself?

Tat said...

You almost have me converted... actually I am going to check them out right now. She is so pretty.


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