Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Olga the Elephant

Olga the Elephant 2

Don't let her sweet look fool you, Olga the Elephant arrived in our castle today all the way from Russia, the prince, princess and I went to pick her up this morning. She is a hard old women who's mood changes as much as our Tasmanian weather, could be due to a bit of jet lag, but I just think she is a snotty nosed old lady. The dark clouds bring the dark side out in old Olga, her bones creak, her skin sags and her manners are appalling.

Olga the Elephant

You shouldn't let her small size sway your judgement either, this old lady certainly packs a kick when things don't go her way... Little does she know, if she keeps her horrid attitude up she is destined for her worst nightmare... the baby play area (insert evil laugh here).


Cat said...

Oh, Olga you old hussy you! :) I think she's awesome. x

Tat said...

Ah, the baby play area will sort her out!


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