Sunday, July 11, 2010

3.17am this morning...

No, its not the time of birth of a baby that still seems to be extremely comfortable in my womb. Its the time I woke up this morning. Last look at the clock before going back to sleep was 5.26am. Its so much fun not being able to sleep. It makes you feel so glamorous with the red eyes, the black bags underneath, the crabbiness from being tired. 'What is she talking about, she is about to have a newborn' I hear you say... At least I would have purpose to getting up, right now there is no reason I should be awake and it is driving me insane.

Had the worse case of heartburn as well when I woke up at that hour... but alas all my life-saving antacid tablets had been used... So you know what I did, I got up at 3.17 in the morning and made myself a bowl of vanilla ice-cream. Not just a few scoops to take the edge off my heartburn, like a massively gigantic pasta bowl full of vanilla ice-cream. And to top it of you want to know what I covered it in??? Soup spoons full of milo. And you know what.... it was delicious!!!

Have obstetrician tomorrow who will be issuing babe with an eviction notice. I'm sure it will be Wednesday. Even though I am more than excited to met our new little one, it is making me extremely frustrated and down that it looks more and more likely that I will be induced again. If Wednesday is the day, babe has 2 and a bit days to come of its own accord, and I am hoping and praying that it decides to do so

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Cat said...

GOOD for you! Milo and vanilla ice cream totally deserved. Good luck with the ob appt. I'll be thinking of you.


ps. I was up at 3.17am this morning too with my sick Bebito. :(


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