Monday, July 12, 2010

Wednesday is the day...

Well, unless some kind of miracle happens between now and 8 o'clock Wednesday morning, Wednesday is the the day. I have been so excited all through this pregnancy at the prospect of having a natural birth, so now I am going to share the pro's of having an induction, if only to get them into my own head.

1. I know the date I have to be at the hospital, so there is no rushing around organising care for DS should I go into labour spontaneously. 

2. I know the procedure, (had it done with DS) so instead of worrying about the unknown, I know the ins and outs.

3. I get to relax in my hospital room/bed and have my things organised instead of having to wait till after birth.

Ok, so I can only find three points at the minute, but induction verses spontaneous labour all ends in the same result, a new baby and that is a great thing to look forward to.

Poor little Mr. Charlie, he is not very well at all. Have been up with him all night. He needs to cough but won't because it hurts and it is making him so congested. Just had to be a little firm with him and get him to cough and made him cry :(. When I had Obstetrician this morning I organised for my sister to watch him, but he insisted on coming so he could see 'his baby'. On the way (5 minute drive) the poor soul fell asleep in the car so my mum waited there with him until I had finished. He was so devastated when he woke up that he had missed out that I told him a little fib and said that the drs had been closed.

So its a day full of dvd's, fruit smoothies and cuddles, whilst I enjoy my last few days as a mumma of one, extremely precious little man, and one extra special Bill the cat who makes everything seem just that little bit better. xx

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toushka said...

oh my gosh - you're going to have a new baby - on wednesday!!!
a big control freak part of me would love to know the exact date of my daughters arrival for all of those reasons.

I love how you said the Drs was closed - hehehe.
Hope your little boy gets better soon.
And I will keep following your blog for news of the most exciting from Wednesday on.


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