Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pregnancy List

There are things about pregnancy that you often forget about when your not actually pregnant... So while I am patiently (note the hint of sarcasm...) waiting for some kind of sign that babe is on its way I thought that I would write a list of the good and not so good things about being pregnant.

1. Make way for the pregnant lady...
In both my pregnancy's I have found that people are ever so kind to open doors, give you a seat, carry something heavy etc. Wait till you have that baby in your arms, or in a stroller, no-one will be getting out of your way unless you run them down (and watch out for those doors shutting on you as you try and make your way through with a stroller)

2. Most people think a pregnant belly is public domain...
Dear strange lady at the health food shop, no it is not ok for you to grope my belly.
3. (Monday Morning)... 'You are so tiny' - (Monday Afternoon)... 'Oh my gosh, are you pregnant with a toddler?
Thankyou ever so much for a great boost of confidence 

4. Itchy Tummy
Three words, thankyou ex-foliating gloves.
5. Tight Skin
On my stomach to be exact and it hurts. 

6. Stomach Acrobats
That amazing sensation of your babe moving around inside your womb, made even more special when you can see it on the outside.
7. Dreams
What is it with pregnancy dreams... I have had some shockers, they are either down right scary or down right insane. I think if I was to write down what I dreamt about they would near lock me away in an asylum... 
8.  Overdue... Phone calls, messages, have you had that baby yet???
Yes, I have, but enjoyed being so uncomfortable and largish that I have taken to wearing a fat suit that makes me look 9 months pregnant. 
9. What are you having?
Ummm, well, I sincerely hope its a baby, if its not I will be asking for a refund!! 
10. Peoples labour stories
Ok everyone, I get it having a baby hurts. But not only have I been there before, I also do not need your horror stories thank you very much! 


MultipleMum said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best of luck with the birth of the baby. You brought back some lovely memories with your post. I had great pregnancies but will, happily, not be doing that again. I shall live vicariously through others (like you!)

LJ said...

Ah - this makes me laugh. I am 27 1/2 weeks pregnant with #3 now...


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