Friday, July 9, 2010

Babe Guess

So here is the round up of all the 'Guess the Babe's Stats', its an interesting mix with more than half of the date guesses already past. If this list is anything to go by, I will be having a girl and 'she' will weigh in the highish 7lb mark... time can only tell :)

Megan: 26th June, 7lb 11, Girl
Cassy: 28th June, 8lb 3, Girl
Dannii: 29th June, Girl
Di: 29th June, Girl
Terrie: 30th June, 7lbs 11, Boy
Jenny (mum): 30th June, 8lb, Girl
Amanda: 1st July, 8lb 2
Marita: 1st July, 8lb 1, Boy
Alicia: 3rd July, 8lbs 6, Girl
Andrew: 3rd July, 7lb 6, Boy
Kala: 4th July, 7lb 4, Girl
Traceym: 4th July, 7lb 6 ½ Girl
Karen: 7th July, 7lb 7, 7.07pm, Girl
Anita: 7th July, 8lb 5, Boy
Jaisen: 8th  July, 7lbs 6, Girl
Mary: 8th July, 8lbs 4, Girl
Emma: 10th July, 8lb 4, Boy
Ainslie: 10th July, 8lb 5, 3pm, Boy
Rosalyn: 10th July, 9lbs, Boy
Terry: 11th July, 9lb 7
Jess: 12th July, 7lb, Boy
Julie: 13th July, 8lbs, Girl
Mallory: 18th July, 7lb 14, Boy
Katie: 7lbish, Boy
Tanae: 7lb, Girl
Amy(sister): 8lbs, Boy

13 Girls, 11 Boys, 2 Unknown

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