Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have a wonderful friend of mine that I asked to be my birth partner for when babe decides its time to be earth-side. She is one of those one in a million type of friend that I am lucky to have two of, except the other lives a million miles away!! She also happens to be my son's best friends mother, it could not get much better than that.

I really wanted to get her something to give her after the birth, something that symbolises the friendship we share, the new baby, and also her own journey of motherhood.

So here it is, well, kind of... this one is actually my matching one, hers is wrapped up in my labour bag. It is a Pandora bracelet, with the letter (mine a C, hers an R) symbolising each of our sons and the stone charm being the birth stone of July (obviously the symbolising the arriving babe) and the fact that they match and we both will have one symbolising our friendship. She is going to growl at me, I know she will love it, but I think it may overwhelm her. I am so excited about giving to her, and so I can finally wear mine. xx


Hayley said...

What a beautiful idea!! I got one when CJ arrived and I love it..every charm has a meaning and stort to it! I am sure she will love it, such a thoughtful gift!!

kylie said...

What a gorgeous idea. I'm sure your friend will love it. All the more so as it will have such wonderful meaning and memories for you both.


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