Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Baby in my Belly

To the sometimes annoying, most of the time enjoyable movement in my belly that I am surely to miss once its gone.

It has been 40.4 weeks since you graced my womb with your presence. Whilst I have utterly enjoyed most moments of feeling you grow, hiccup and move inside me, my heart is now becoming impatient to lay eyes on this wonderful creation. 

You have the best of all big brothers that has been waiting ever so patiently to met you. He wants to sing you his special songs, he wants to hold you in the bath, he wants to buy you lots of toys (well, maybe they are for both you and him, but the thought is there :))

There are so many wonderful and beautiful people waiting here to met you, and your mumma would certainly like you to come of your own accord before the need for medical intervention. So please dear baby, come earth-side for us in the next few days. xx

1 comment:

Cat said...

Good luck Keshia. I hope your baby is listening. :) xo


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