Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog This: How I learned to...

Tell your readers a tale. About something you learned. Be it driving, scuba-diving or maybe another language... riding a bike, learning to read, learning to cook a special meal - make it interesting or funny or shocking!

Before I start this post, I would like to warn people that this post involves a story about SIDS and some may choose not to read on and I have also chosen to change the names of those involved.

How I learned to cherish life...

In 2007, the most beautiful baby girl was born to a dear friend of mine. She was beyond perfect.

I can recall one night sitting with her mumma, and holding this precious bundle in my arms and thinking how it seemed as though she had graced us before, how she seemed so much older than her actual age. She had the cutest smile and the longest legs I have ever seen on a new born. Like I said, just perfect.

The Saturday morning that I received the phone call with the news of her death is a blur. I can't remember what was said, I just remember feeling an overwhelming feeling of needing to be with her mumma and her other son and needing to be there right then.

I've seen a lot of death in my life, family, friends, old, young, but the death of a 13 week old baby is something that leaves you with an emptiness that can't be described.

In her short life of 13 weeks, this precious baby girl had already done numerous things for the world in which she graced. She brought together people that hadn't been speaking for years, she showed a father what he was missing out from by not seeing his son, she showed a lot of people what life and love can be about, but you can't just sit by and expect it to happen by itself.

She taught me and a lot of other people to cherish life, to make everyday count and no matter what it may bring you, there will always be someone else going through something tougher. She was a special angel whilst she graced our earth, and now she is forever an angel gracing our skies. Life's lessons are hard, what's important is to take something away from them so that in time it brings you purpose.

Albert Einstein once said...
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

So here is to a beautiful baby girl that will be forever in our hearts and minds, and thank-you for gracing us with your wonderful presence. Even if it was only for a short time. xx


Kellyansapansa said...

Oh, that is just beautiful. You need to put a tissue warning at the beginning though!

Cat said...

Keshia, that is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing. I shall be voting for your entry! :) xoxoxo


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