Saturday, March 13, 2010

A few thoughts

The birth of my son has been the most challenging, joyful and empowering experience of my lifetime. The lead up to his birth was an extremely emotional and scary time for me, I didn’t know what to expect and I felt useless and extremely alone. The prince was born almost 2 weeks over due after an induction, extremely painful posterior labour and an epidural. Not the most empowering birthing experience recorded, but it defiantly empowered me to become more educated for future birthing experiences.
Call me crazy but this time around, I am actually getting excited about labour and not just because we will meet our babe at the end of it. It has involved learning to put trust myself, something which has been a big step for me. It has meant accepting that sometimes things don’t go to plan and to be easy on myself. The biggest step has been getting to know me, really taking the time to sit down with myself and reflect on the journey’s I have taken so far, and the journey’s that I want to take in the future. I have learnt that I judge myself to harshly at times, and feel fear in trying my hardest in case it still leads to failure.
I know that I am going to have an empowering birth, whether my plans for a natural labour go through or need altering along the way. I know this because I have empowered myself in knowing who I am, of understanding the wonderful growth that I will undertake throughout my lifetime and the experiences I am yet to know.
Self discovery is a lifetime process, and I look forward to everyday. What day could be truly bad, with a beautiful son by my side and the sky above my head.

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