Tuesday, March 30, 2010

**Bump Day** 26 Weeks

Oh, my belly is so tight its painful when babe is having a dance party inside, its amazing how different pregnancy's can be from one babe to the next. With little Charlie, I was a glow for the whole time, so comfortable in my pregnacy skin. This time I am feeling very uncomfortable, out of breath and the tiredness... I suppose I didn't have a three year old to run around after last time though. Only 14 weeks until my due date... how exciting. I have been running a little game with my family and friends to guess the sex, weight and date of birth for this babe and here are the guesses so far...

Girl, 8 pound 2lb, 1st of July

Girl 7lb 6 1/2 oz 4 th July

Girl,8pound 30th June

Girl, 8lbs, 13 th July

Girl, 7lb 11oz, 26th June.

Girl, same weight as lil charlie was :-)

Girl, 8th July, 8lb 4oz

Boy, 18th July, 7lb 14oz

Boy, 9.7lbs, 11th july

Lots of guesses so far for a little girl!! If you'd like to join in, here are the little bits of information that I have given to my family and friends...

Estimated due date is the 6th July 2010, first due date was 29th June (yes, Charlie's Birthday!!).

# This is my second child

# First child, Charlie was born on 29th of June 2006... he was 14 days over due and was born at 4.16am in the morning.

# He weighed 8 lb 1 1/2 oz

# I have had really bad morning sickness this time round, making me bed ridden at times.

Oh and a little clue that I didn't mention to my friends... this time I will be downing the rasberry leaf tea in preperation :) So have a guess, and there may be a little surprise for the closest guess :)

1 comment:

Rosalyn said...

I'm going to say

Boy, 10th July, 9lbs.

I love guessing.

This must be so exciting for you!


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