Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Crappy Craft: Salt Dough Creations

On a forum that I frequently visit, a member came up with the fantastic idea of having a 'crappy craft' competition each month as inspiration to do more with our children. Here is mine and the Princes for this month, keeping up with his new fascination with echinda's we made a nature scene. It was so much fun and very quick and and easy as well.

Ready with our supplies!

Starting to make the dough.

Our dough ready to create with

The first echinda in the making

Ready for baking

Our finished products :)


Rosalyn said...

Love them. What did you use to colour the dough with?

Anonymous said...

Before adding the water, we coloured that with vegetable dye, its the easiest way I found, and because the dye had already adhered to the water it means it doesn't stick to your hands. But if you want really vibrant colours, you need to use quite a lot of dye... we only made small bunches of dough so it wasn't to bad... once cooked some of the colours really stood out, like the lime green.


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