Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24 Weeks

You are now 24 weeks pregnant and at the beginning of week 25.

Your baby has grown to be about 30 cm long from head to toe (11.75 inches) and approximately 700 grams in weight (just over 1 lb 8 oz).

Your baby may now be big enough for others to feel your belly and sense them kicking and stretching!

Babies at 24 weeks have been noted to increase their breathing patterns (by expanding their lungs with amniotic fluid), after their mothers eat, especially if the food contains sugar! Your baby's lungs now start to produce a substance called surfactant, which lines their lungs and assists them to breathe after birth. Even so, babies born as early as 24 weeks (or less) only have a very small chance of survival. (www.birth.com.au)
One sentence... I need more fiber in my diet!! Babe is moving around like an acrobat, and made me giggle a little yesterday when I was using the mix-master... every time I turned it on, babe jumped like it was a shock. yesterday was the first day that I tried on a pair of my favourite vintage denim jeans... and I could only do up one button... (they have three). Its about time, I can't wait for a big round belly... only 16 weeks until my due date now, how wonderfully exciting.

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