Friday, August 6, 2010

25 things before 25

Next year in March I have been alive and breathing for a quarter of a century. In an effort to feel like I am accomplishing / have accomplished something of significance, and to also give me some motivation to do some things I have been putting off for a long time here is my 25 before 25. I wonder if I can get everything ticked of...

1. Buy a DSLR.

2. Get Fit. Like really fit. Like I could climb Mt Everest kinda fit.

3. Get two tattoos. – before you freak out on me...  a blog post to come on this later.

4. Go on a holiday. Like a real holiday. Like stay in a hotel and not with drab relatives kinda holiday.

5. Manage to keep a visual journal. – I had to keep numerous of these during my Uni days. But now I can’t seem to even manage to fill at least 5 pages and keep it going any more. I miss the process of it. I miss the finished products.

6. Get my business up and running. Running really fast. – (this is why I need to get fit so I can keep up.)

7. Fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

8. Get over my ‘artists block’ and start painting and drawing again... I mean seriously, if I am to earn enough one day so I have to pay Mr. Tax man back my uni debt, I might as well make use of the skills I developed there right??

9. Learn to drink 2 litres of water a day.

10. To dust off my guitar and not let it get that dusty again that I can’t even recognise it. (damn those dust bunnies)

11. To make time in my life for music. Things seemed so much similar when I actually made time for the things I love.

12. Stop biting my nails. – I mean, it is seriously gross. Did you know that biting your nails is like licking the underneath of a toilet seat... I knew that and I still bite them, now that is defiantly gross!

13. Give to charity in some form. (must be helping Australians)

14. Visit my grandmother Valerie as much as possible.

15. Get a funky hair cut and colour.

16. Actively think about doing some kinda post-grad course. Actively as in really truly make an effort to contact some high and almighty admin. officer to send me some official information about applying.

17. Start selling my wares at the local markets.

18. Write a letter to my dad.

19. Actually post the letter to my dad.

20. Make more me time... (well I’m kinda going to have to if I want to get all these things done)

21. Recycle more.

22. Be kinder to myself.

23. Read more.

24. Get some professional ‘artsy’ family shots done.

25. Celebrate my 25 years earth-side in fabulous style!!


Hayley said...

What a great list there are a few things I can def relate to! I truly hope you get at least some of these crossed off! I can't remember if I have said this already but I love the new look! xx

Kellie Christie said...

I love your list! I hope that you manage to get all of this done and more before you hit the big 25. I was going to get a tattoo for my 21st birthday, I turn 28 this year and I still don't have one!! I just can't settle on a design.


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