Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Place & Yours: Memories

Top Right: Bently the Bear, Lots-a-Legs the Catepillar & Honey Bear
I could have a post of 50 or so photos for this weeks theme of 'My Place and Yours', because I am a terrible hoarder, so instead I would like to introduce you to three of my best friends, Bently the Bear who was given to me from my nan's collection when she passed away... I have only had him in my possession for 9 years but have played with him since I was a young child. He is a pose-able bear that one of my nan's friends made, he will sit back on your bed with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed... the ever so cool bear.
Then there is lots-a-legs Caterpillar, I have had him since my first birthday.
Most importantly, Honey Bear, my best friend since I was a baby. These three beauty's still sit with pride of place on my bed, and every now again, when I feel like I can loosen the heart strings a little, I let my son sleep with them.
(Oh, and that blanket they are all sitting on is my blanket from when I was a baby, and now it has been used for both of my children.)

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Sarah Slaven said...

Honey bear looks very familiar I think my sister my have had one, I think maybe given to her by a boy friend.

Cherie said...

Oh beautiful memories, they're all so cute ;-) They're all looking so loved and look like they'll be round for a long time to come. Hope you're having a wonderful week ;-)


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