Sunday, August 1, 2010

Witching Hour...

I've been attached to a certain little lady for five hours straight this evening. Its her 'witching hour', and as Mr google just suggested to me, there is about 22600 search results for 'witching hour in babies'... and after reading a few funny little articles here is a snippet from my favourite...

No one knows for sure why this happens, although there are a million theories. Some people think it's the babies' bodies working out some kinks. Some think it's adjusting to all the stimuli they get out of the womb that they didn't get in the womb. Some think it's digestive difficulties. (Some people think the babies have gas and that makes them cry, while others think the babies cry and swallow air and that gives them gas.) [this bit here is my favourite bit] -->My mom thinks the babies just figure out they're no longer in the womb and get pissed off. I think it's because they've figured out that everyone else can move and they can't even roll over and they get pissed off. Honestly, it's probably a mixture of a bunch of things, very few of which we have any control over.
Paragraph taken from here.
But now, its 11.00 and Miss Ava's witching hour is over and I think I might makes the most of it plug my poor little iPod in that hasn't been used in forever.

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