Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I left behind...

Today I was tagged on facebook in some pictures dating back to my Uni days. Oh my how things have changed. Back then I was a spiky haired (of the feminine style), which had a bright blue streak in it. I had my labret (just underneath my lip pierced). And the clothes... oh how I miss my old clothes. I was never one to be a trend follower, but I always had a little quirky style all of my own that I loved. I remember each day the excitement of getting ready of a morning and deciding what to wear. As much as I loved looking at these photos, it was a little bit depressing.

Now I dread it, the whole getting dressed part of the day. Post-Pregnancy and feeling a little drab. I'm at that stage where my maternity clothes are just to loose, yet my pre-pregnancy clothes are just to tight. *sigh* Not to mentioned that is near impossible to find a top to fit my milk producing boob's into that doesn't leave me needing to strip semi-naked to feed my child, or otherwise be left feeling like a nanna (of the unfashionable kind).

If there is one thing that I miss since having children is the ability to have time to actually get yourself ready of a morning, none of this rushing about business or getting dressed and then getting half way into town realising you forgot to take your slippers off... nice one.

I'm all for hanging around in my pj's all day, right now I have my new 'pink' (yes pink, my daughter has me converted) dressing gown over my clothes. But how great do you feel when you have managed to dress, do your hair and even, just maybe had enough time to don a little bit of make-up on. It sure makes me feel perky on the downest of days.

So, in the effort of feeling human, feminine and 'perky', I am going to make the biggest effort to be able to find at least half an hour in the day when I can have some me time to manage a shower and get my self dressed in more than a pair of trackies and my old trusty hoodie. And if I manage to get a little bit of mascara on I'll be extra pleased with myself :)

So this is me, on a normalish day. Skinny leg jeans, (my staple wardrobe item) hippish headband (means I don't have to brush or style my very long hair), button up shirt (only thing I could grab my hands on when shopping with two kidlets before I went insane) scarfe, and some $10 flat shoes... Oh and the newest accessory, a baby in a sling!!

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