Monday, August 23, 2010

My Place & Yours: Whats in your Handbag

Oh I cringed when I read this weeks theme... not because I don't like it, but because I was thinking it going to make near a weeks worth of cleaning up once I have emptied it.  (Ok, probably not quite a week, but certainly a long time!)

But I was pleasantly surprised when I emptied this...

And only found these items...

(Photo is a tad on the dark side but my battery went flat on my camera)

Fabric Shopping Bag
Pink Nappy for the girl
Change of Clothes (tights, long tshirt, 2x jumpers) for the girl
Beanie for the girl,
Pkt f Tissues
Kinder surprise wrapper + container toy came in
20 cents
9 1950-70's golden books I bought about a week ago... that are still in there
2 x Cotton reels (Red & brown)
Ball of pink wool
My camera was also in there,
as was a whole pile of lego bits and pieces but the boy seen me emptying my bag and came and claimed them.

Hehe, I can't believe all that 'junk' fits in there, its not really a big bag. The lego came in handy today with a visit to spotlight... While I went through all the fabric the boy sat on the floor and staged out the battles of all battles.

Now I have just gone and stuffed it all back in there and will be wondering on my next trip into town why my bag is so heavy, of course it wouldn't have anything to do with a pile of golden books that have been in there for almost a month.

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Hayley said...

What a mumma handbag. It's good to see that it comes in handy..what a perfect excuse for a 'messy' handbag :)

Still no news from the Uni..if they don't get back to me by Wed I think I might call them..though they did say it would take 2 weeks and that was on Friday :(.
Hope you have a great week!

Splashes of joy said...

I always find it amusing how practical it is for mothers to carry toys with them wherever they go, my mother always had the whole world in her hand bag :)

Elizabeth said...

OMG! That is seriously one cool handbag if all that fits in.


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