Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Worthy Cause...

I stumbled across this amazing blog a few weeks back and have been thinking of what our little family could do to help.

This fantastic lady and her partner are organising to create 1000 backpacks filled with essential and personal items for children in Australia going into care. 

Here's a little paragraph taken from the website:

I'm collecting donations of school backpacks (preferably new, but in good condition is fine too). I'd like to make up some packs to give to charity.
My partner and I have been looking into taking on the role as foster carers and the process has opened my eyes to just how much some kids don't have.
Imagine being taken from your home by strangers (police or DOCS) with nothing  but the clothes you are wearing or possibly a rubbish bag hastily stuffed with clothes or toys and then being sent off to live with strangers. Or being in care with one family for a month or so and then being moved on to the next one. Some of these kids have nowhere to call home.
My thoughts behind the backpacks are - the pack stays with the child; it has p.j.'s a little blanket, maybe some clothes, an age appropriate toy or book (depending on what I can get), and a little torch.

 I sat down with Charlie tonight and talked to him about what we could do. It is no easy feat trying to explain to a four year old about the situations that these precious souls find them self in with out making them think or worry to much. We basically talked about how some children don't have extra special mummies or daddies for different reasons, and that they need to sometimes go and stay with a caring family until their own mummy/daddy can 'get better'. We talked about how these children might not have extra special things like his own 'Bill' the cat, toys to play with, books to read or even pajama's to wear to bed. We talked about how these children are sometimes sad and that even little things can make their days a little brighter.

I asked him what he thought that we could do to help, and he said 'We could invite them round to play, and make pancakes. Pancakes make me happy.' How sweet, if only we could do that.

So instead, we are going to do up two bags. One based for a little boy around Charlie's age, and one for a baby, around Ava's age. I thought in doing this he will be able to help pick out some things that mean something to him to place in the bags, because if their is one things he does understand, its what four year old little boys love!!

So can you help this wonderful lady out? Even if its just donating a packet of undies, every little bit will help her on her journey to make a difference.

Once we have our backpacks ready to send, we will share with you our pledge. :)


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despina said...

it's so great you took the time to talk to your son about the project. It's wonderful when they are able to help and actually understand what is going on around them and want to help!
Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids Director


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