Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Month...

1 month

Dearest Ava,

Where has the time flown to? It's all going to quickly I must say. This time only four weeks ago I was still anticipating your arrival to the world wondering if you would ever make an appearance. Ever since you did decide to join us earth-side, our lives have been filled with utter joy and amazement of the love and comfort such a tiny little being can bring to a family, our family.

So far you are a little sleeping beauty, (apart from a few all nighters) you are starting to smile at your favourite people and are slowly starting that ever so infectious baby babble.

You sneeze a lot, and send your big brother into fits of giggles whenever you do a few in a row.

And talking of your big brother, what a gem he is. You are settled by his voice, and he likes to sing made up songs and tell you stories all the time... even while you are sleeping. He loves you 'to the moon, around the stars, through the clouds, over our house, down to coles??(don't ask where this one came from) and back'.

To one of my precious ones, thank you for picking me to be your mumma, but please, oh please, stop growing up so fast, I am happy to deal with a few more sleepless nights if only you will stay small for just a little longer.

Love Mumma xx

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