Friday, August 20, 2010

A Catch Up...

So unbelievably tired. Did you know that you can never 'catch up' on sleep, once you miss it, its gone unless you have access to some fantastic time machine that you have forgotten to tell me about. The only thing you can do is to get more in the future, which if your anything like me then you wake up after your extra sleep in a some what 'hung' over daze.

Miss Ava's reflux is slowly improving, but there have been sacrifices along the way... I've slowly taken gluten and dairy out of my diet as well as tomato's and any citrus fruits. Ok, I semi-lied, I am still having a whole two cups of tea a day, but that is just to keep me sane. Last night she had a good sleep, two five hour stretches (she is still sleeping now, see above), and I woke up feeling like crap, two much sleep apparently. We are on some medication to help her reflux, and I gave in and have her in bed with me. It's s much easier rather than waking up every two hours and having to go and get her from the cot. At least this way I still stay in a semi-sleep state and it doesn't take me the whole two hours she sleeps for to fall back asleep. The most annoying thing is that she wants to sleep. The poor thing is so tired, but I'm guessing the constant bring up milk and then swallowing it is waking her up because its painful. Hopefully we are on the road to going back to good nights sleeps.

Me, I'm feeling rather drab lately. When I had Charlie I was one of those women who you secretly want to punch say wow, you look amazing after having a baby. The weight just fell off and was back to my normal self in two weeks. This time however, its hanging around. I know that I am not fat on any measure, but I feel like it. And I know that there are no 'instant' fixes. Oh well, at least chocolate is out of the picture until the reflux has vacated the building.


Eme Creations said...

I know where you're coming from. Our first Emeline, never slept for long. I always seemed to be up and down trying to settle her. Eventually we caved and put her in between us. After about 6 months she settled down and started to sleep longer at night. And it is so much easier for those night feeds when they are right there beside you, and I don't know? But I believe they sleep better:-)

Hayley said...

Ohh I am glad things are improving and I say whatever works :). I am like you I could give up everything but my cup of tea would be a struggle xx

Cat said...

Glad to hear things are improving on the reflux front. Poor little Ava. You even sound a tad flat in your tone lovely one. I think something indulgent is in order for you. Can you give yourself a lovely peppermint foot soak or something like that? xxx

frogpondsrock said...

You do eventually catch up on your sleep. It just takes a long long time.

Every Mothers day I would ask for a sleep in as a mothers day gift. I didn't want anything else,just a sleep in. My son would be so excited by the gifts he had bought me at the school's Mothers day stall that he would invariably wake me up at first light to give me my gifts. *sigh*

He is 16 now and I have finally caught up on all the sleep that I missed. :)


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